My WordPress Blog Wed, 26 Jun 2019 11:35:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to obtain a personal loan when one is unemployed? Wed, 26 Jun 2019 11:35:09 +0000 When you are unemployed, it is always harder to get a loan. Indeed, financial organizations are often more cautious and fear that the borrower will not be able to properly repay his loan for the duration of the loan. If you are looking for a personal loan when you are out of work, you are in the right place. We give you all the cards to convince the banks.


Personal loan

Personal loan

Already, you should know that the personal loan is a type of consumer credit. Personal loan is a credit agreement that binds a financial institution and an individual over a period of time (the term of the credit agreement). The personal loan is subscribed for a period ranging from a few months to a few years, however it can not exceed five years.

The lending institution will then make available to the borrower a sum of money agreed at the time of the signature that the borrower will repay in monthly installments.


What does the personal loan finance?

What does the personal loan finance?

The personal loan finances just about anything the borrower wants. Indeed, it is an unallocated credit, that is to say that the borrower can use as he sees fit the money made available without justifying his purchases. It is therefore possible to plan a holiday with the money available, or to consider the purchase of a new vehicle, a brand new kitchen, new furniture, the arrival of a baby or to palliate an unexpected lack of cash. It is also possible to mix the projects and use the money of the personal loan as well to finance a wedding as the renovation of a room of your place of life.

Be careful however, you should know that personal loan can not be used to finance a real estate purchase. If your project concerns real estate, know that there are many loans designed for this type of project.

In recent years, the law protects consumers and requires financial institutions to put some specifics on the contract between the bank and the individual who subscribes to the loan.

It will be mandatory that certain information appear, among which:

the type of credit, the total amount of the credit and the conditions of provision of the funds, the duration of the credit agreement, the amount, the number and the periodicity of the deadlines that the the borrower shall pay, the borrowing rate, the conditions applicable to that rate, the annual percentage rate of charge and the total amount due from the borrower calculated at the time of the conclusion of the credit agreement, all costs related to the execution of the credit agreement, the security and insurance required, the notary fees, if any, and finally, in the case of a credit used to finance the acquisition of a particular good or service, that good or service and its cash price .


Withdrawal period: how does it work?

Withdrawal period: how does it work?

You have just signed a personal loan with a financial institution and you are in doubt. Do not worry, if you do not want to use a personal loan in the days following the signing of the contract, you can play the withdrawal period.

The credit agreement becomes valid once the withdrawal period has passed. In conclusion, after signing the credit agreement, you have the option for 14 calendar days to waive your credit by exercising a right of withdrawal. The period runs from the day of acceptance of the offer of credit agreement.


How to proceed?

How to proceed?

Nothing’s easier. When the financial institution sends you your contract, it includes a detachable withdrawal slip. If you wish to cancel your contract, simply fill it out and send it back to the bank by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.


How to get a loan without a job?

How to get a loan without a job?

Know that it is quite possible to get a loan when you are unemployed. However, banks and credit unions will certainly ask you for larger guarantees. But other credit solutions are also possible, including microcredit and loans granted by CAF. Institutions will check your creditworthiness before lending you money.

You will need to provide the latest tax notice, your latest pay slips and your most recent account statements. If your situation shows that your income is too low, banks, like credit institutions, often have a tendency to refuse a loan because of lack of evidence of your long-term solvency.

To convince banks more easily, you can present a guarantee in the form of deposit: a person of your entourage agrees to be a surety which allows the bank to turn to this person in case of problems.

However, it is best to ensure good creditworthiness before committing to a loan. top

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How to consolidate your holiday debt Fri, 21 Jun 2019 01:22:20 +0000

The debt of the holidays is often unexpected: you visit your relatives, you eat well in beautiful restaurants, you celebrate with your friends and family and you buy the perfect gift to those who are more dear to you. Finally, the new year arrives and your credit account arrives in the mail and you do not really know how you did to spend so much money. It’s January and you have more debt that looks healthy, looking for an option … Do not worry! You can consolidate!

Organize for payments in a priority order


Do not panic. Yes, you have a lot of accounts to pay, but it’s not insurmountable. That said, you need to take an inventory of your accounts and make sure you are able to make your minimum payments on all your accounts every month. Otherwise, you have the chance to do significant damage to your credit rating – something to avoid!

The advantages and disadvantages of balances transfers

 The advantages and disadvantages of balances transfers

So first step, you should now think of transferring the balances of your credit cards at high interest rates to your cards at low rates. If you do not have low interest cards, you can buy one. Be cautious and shop around for credit cards among the options offered by several banks, however – be sure to do your research because each successive credit survey will be rated and may have a negative impact on your credit report. If, by shopping, you find an option at a much lower rate than your existing rate, enjoy!

It is important to note here that several banks apply a fee for balances transfers. Taking this fee into consideration is important because if it turns out to be too high, or if you think you can pay your balances in a short time, it could ruin all the savings you thought you could make with your transfer.

In addition to the transfer fee and the limitation of credit inquiries, there is another factor that needs to be evaluated: is the interest rate that makes your new card so appetizing a promotional offer? If this is the case, once the promotional period has elapsed, what will be your new rate? It is possible, or even probable that it will be significantly higher than your existing rates!

Is a personal loan worth it?

An interesting alternative for consolidating your holiday debts would be to apply for a personal loan. This could allow you to get rid of the high interest balances on your credit cards and pay a single affordable account with a reasonable interest rate every month. Once the loan is approved and your balances are zero, put your credit cards aside and focus on paying off your existing debt. Take advantage of the savings that this consolidation allows you!

At all costs, avoid the common mistake of restarting the use of your credit cards once you have consolidated your balances: this is a magic recipe for you to find yourself in an overwhelming debt situation.

Use your home equity to clear your debt

home equity,debt

The last option to evaluate for a holiday debt would be to transfer your balances to a home equity line of credit. This type of loan uses the difference between the value of your mortgage and the value of your home as collateral. You will find in most cases that this type of line of credit has a much more affordable rate than your credit cards. Be careful, however, as these lines of credit often have interest rates that vary by market, so it is possible that your rate will increase over time.

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The liquidity loan Sat, 27 Apr 2019 18:11:23 +0000


Loan liquidity is a type of loan that is part of unfinished loans. It allows you to get a sum of money, generally for a reduced amount, not tied to the purchase of a certain good.


The preliminary investigation of a loan for liquidity is fast. When the amount disbursed is a small amount, it is possible to receive the loan more quickly than other types of loans.

Given that the amounts that are financed are generally reduced, the TAN of the financing is in line with that of the other personal loans, while the APR could be affected by the preliminary costs and ancillary costs more clearly than other types of loans.


This type of loan is not subject to the existence of collateral. It is sufficient to prove that you have a certain source of monthly income, which can come from work or retirement.



The law establishes that a liquidity loan contract must contain the following elements:

  • the interest rate charged;
  • any other price and condition applied, including the higher charges in the event of default;
  • the amount and methods of financing;
  • the number, amounts and expiry of the individual installments;
  • the annual percentage rate of charge (APR);
  • the detail of the analytical conditions according to which the APR can possibly be modified;
  • the amount and purpose of the charges that are excluded from the APR calculation;
  • any guarantees required;
  • any insurance coverage required and not included in the APR calculation.


The law guarantees the consumer the possibility of early repayment of the loan . If the consumer decides to choose this option, in addition to the repayment of the residual capital, he could pay a penalty that must not exceed, by law, 1% of the financed capital; the exact terms of the penalty are reported in the signed contractual conditions.



Below we illustrate in a schematic way some specific evaluation criteria of the liquidity loan.

  • Risk policies: each Institute applies its own risk policy in the assessment of requests, based on the statistical data it has (credit scoring). This data is the tool that allows the Institute to keep insolvencies below a certain level.
  • Income level: the acceptance of the requests is normally also subordinated to the evaluation of the income level of the applicant and to the relationship between the latter and the possible repayment installment.
  • Creditworthiness: the creditworthiness of the applicant is of great importance. It is important to emphasize that this evaluation has no “moral” meaning. The Institutes are limited to estimating the level of risk connected to each request, also on the basis of the indications transmitted by the Central Risks. If the credit history of the applicant has some “flaws” (delays in repayments of previous loans, unpaid debts, etc.) the probability of the request being accepted is obviously lower. In some of these cases a valid alternative is constituted by the Assignment of the fifth: this solution, offering the appropriate guarantees to the financing Institute, allows the adoption of more flexible evaluation criteria.


Liquidity loans are provided by financial institutions and banks. They do not require specific requirements, except for a certain income and a credit position of the applicant for the loan which confirms adequate financial reliability of the same.

We monitor day by day the conditions applied to liquidity loans from affiliated banks and financial institutions and we update daily a table with the best offers on the market. In this way, our customers need only one click to discover the best liquidity loan today. Alternatively, you can fill out the form and make a quote to compare all the liquidity loans between them and find those with the most advantageous conditions: it is simple and fast, but above all free and without obligation.

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Best Auto Credit Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:29:19 +0000

The acquisition of a vehicle is an important and often necessary step in everyday life. When you can not afford such a purchase, it can be interesting to turn to a car loan, which can help you buy a new or used car. However, the offers are numerous and it is important to have all the cards in hand to choose the best car loan.


What opportunities for auto credit?

What opportunities for auto credit?

A car loan can be offered by a bank (it can be the bank where you are a customer or another), a facility specializing in consumer credit or a car manufacturer. The last option allows you to subscribe to a car loan directly at the point of sale. However, the best deals are rarely found at dealerships and most of the time, it may be much more beneficial to turn to a financial institution, whether it’s a bank or an agency specializing in credit. They are often best placed to offer the best auto loan.

Keep in mind that no matter which organization you are going to turn to, all credit offers must include a withdrawal slip. This allows you to have the opportunity to reconsider your decision and cancel the credit agreement. The withdrawal period in force is 14 calendar days from the date of signature of the loan agreement.

It may be noted that since the auto loan is most often an assigned loan, it can only be used to pay for the purchase of the vehicle, so the amount borrowed will be equal to the amount of the loan. Added to this is the fact that if the sale does not happen, the auto credit agreement is automatically canceled. Similarly, if you do not get the credit in question, nothing commits you to go to the end of your purchase. Because of this, when it comes to an assigned loan, the credit agreement and the purchase of the vehicle are closely related, one can not go without the other.


Compare offers to get the best auto loan

auto loan

If you want to get the best car loan, you will have to browse the many loan offers on the market. For this, the simplest is still to use an online credit comparator. A comparator works in collaboration with banks as well as establishments specializing in consumer credit. It is a tool that allows, according to certain criteria, to obtain a global vision of the various auto credit proposals that can be found on the market in order to compare them and find the most advantageous.

A comparator of credits and very easy to use, it is free and free of any commitment since its purpose is mainly informative. In addition, it is a tool that can save you time because it presents all the offers on the market, you just have to discover them. Its use is also anonymous, no data is collected about the user. This can allow you to do your research without having to worry about being contacted insistently by some organizations.

The credit comparators highlight the APR (annual percentage rate) of the various loan offers. The APR is the best credit comparison tool as it allows to better visualize the total cost that a loan will represent.
So, if you want to get the best auto credit, a comparator can save you valuable time.


Apply for auto credit online

Apply for auto credit online

Once you have found the best auto loan, you can apply online at the site of the chosen organization. To do this, first identify your project by specifying the amount you want to borrow and if you want to finance a new or used vehicle. It is advisable to perform several credit simulations before making a decision.

Indeed, by varying the duration of the loan, you will be able to have an influence on the APR. You will get a better car loan if you reduce the term of the contract while if the term is longer, the annual percentage rate will be higher. However, the duration also has an influence on monthly payments. Thus, it is important to know the amount you can afford to pay each month to repay your credit.

To continue your online application, you will need to fill in personal information about your situation so that you can get an answer in principle, usually immediately. If it is positive, you will receive a loan offer that you just need to sign and return to the financial institution with the supporting documents requested.

This is when the lender will make his final decision on your application for the best car loan and will communicate it to you as soon as possible.

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How to Choose the Best Auto Loan for You? Mon, 08 Apr 2019 16:31:18 +0000 In case of need, or desire, to change the vehicle, auto loan is a financial solution available to those who do not have sufficient contributions. It’s a type of consumer credit; therefore, the amount must be in the range of € 200 to € 75,000 for a repayment period of more than 3 months.

Most credit institutions set a limit for this period: for a car loan, the maximum duration is generally between 72 and 84 months (ie between 6 and 7 years). Therefore, the minimum price of a monthly payment is actually not often 200 €.
Some elements to choose your auto loan …


Auto loan following the age of the vehicle

Auto loan following the age of the vehicle

A car loan simulation was carried out with several credit institutions according to the date of first launch of the desired vehicle. Most offers distinguish three situations depending on whether the auto loan is used to purchase a new car, a used car under 2 years or a used car over 2 years old.

Overall, credit agencies offer similar offers for the first two situations. Indeed, that auto loan used to finance a new car, or less than 2 years, the sum of interest paid will be identical. However, if the car is more than 2 years old, the fixed debit rate and the fixed APR are higher than in the other two previous situations – in other words, the amount of interest charged for this type of auto loan will be higher. as well as the amount of optional insurance offered.

Reminder: The fixed borrowing rate corresponds to the interest rate of the credit. Fixed, it allows to know in advance the amount of monthly payments and the duration of the loan, unlike a revisable borrowing rate which is referenced on an index that varies according to economic, financial, stock market or monetary factors. The APR – annual percentage rate of charge – represents all the obligatory costs for obtaining a credit and therefore especially the borrowing rate, commissions, etc …

In addition to the question of the amount, credit institutions also differ their car loan offers, depending on the age of the vehicle, from the point of view of the duration of reimbursement granted. Indeed, if a loan offer for the purchase of a new car can last up to 7 years, it will generally be only 5 years for the purchase of a used car. This difference is due to the fact that the duration of the car must not be less than the duration of the credit for the sake of financial security.


The acquisition of a vehicle for a young license

The acquisition of a vehicle for a young license

Several credit institutions offer young driver’s auto loan offers. Alternative to the classic auto loan, it is suitable for young people coming to have their license and not having big financial means. In addition, the price of the young driver’s auto insurance is very high raising, a credit is often needed to finance his first vehicle.

Most banks offer this type of auto loan with benefits tailored to beneficiaries: flexibility, spread of monthly payments in case of temporary cash flow problem, advantageous rate, …. Even if the establishment does not offer this type of specific offer, often arrangements and commercial benefits are made in the case of a young driver.

In addition to the young driver’s auto loan, other solutions exist, the first of which is the student loan. Consumer credit without proof, any student can subscribe under cover of confirmation of the use to be made of the money lent. The benefits are often a very low rate, sometimes even a free loan, and the possibility of a deferred refund.


Buy the car of your dreams: auto loan or lease?


An auto loan does not simply allow you to buy a simple car for the sake of convenience. Indeed, it is also the way to have a high-end vehicle even if obtaining a credit for the purchase of a standard vehicle is easier because of the small amount requested. Nevertheless, the demand for a car loan will initially be the same whether the vehicle is a conventional sedan or a sports car with an identical proposed rate and duration of borrowing. Only when negotiating with the credit institution will the borrower signify his choice. The monthly payments will be more consequent then with a risk of refusal due to an unsatisfactory financial situation.

However, leasing is also a financing option, an alternative to auto loans, to acquire a high-end car. It is a vehicle rental contract paid monthly and usually lasts between 1 and 5 years. Useful if you want to change vehicles regularly, the amounts paid each month are lower than in the context of an auto loan because only the use of the vehicle is paid. It comes mainly in two forms: the LOA and the LLD. As such, it should be noted that most car manufacturers, including Porsche, offer special rentals (Porsche Lease) to qualify for a luxury car.

The LOA – Rental with option to buy, also called rental with promise of sale – allows to use a car rental for a period known in advance before buying. Attention the customer is only tenant of the vehicle and he pays monthly installments during the period of use. At the end of the contract, the driver becomes the owner of the vehicle at a lower price than the original price due to the payment of rents. This redemption price is fixed at the signing of the contract and an initial contribution is paid beforehand.

The LLD – Long Term Rental – has several advantages when you know that a new car loses 25% of its value after one year. It includes many services such as maintenance, assistance, … Unlike the LOA, the driver does not have to worry about the maintenance costs of the vehicle, he can change car as he wants but the car is in principle returned at the end of the contract.


Conclusion: Choosing your car loan

Conclusion: Choosing your car loan

Changing cars is expensive and buying a car is the biggest investment after real estate. This is why the car loan must be carefully studied and not taken lightly. It is the solution best suited to his needs if you want to keep a car 5 years and more, take charge of its maintenance and especially be its owner.

According to a 2010 study by the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers, 62% of new cars sold in France were acquired on credit. A car loan is generally cheap since on average the APR is around 6% over 4 years for € 10 000 borrowed. Some credit institutions specializing in car loans sometimes have an APR of less than 5%.

Before embarking, three great tips to remember:

1. Control of key data

1. Control of key data

Before subscribing to a car loan, it is necessary to check several essential elements to know how to choose the best offer.

  • Know the amount of your initial contribution: The higher it is, the less you have to borrow and therefore the less interest you have to pay. You have to make sure you know your financial situation and your needs.
  • Comparing the APRs of different organizations: As mentioned above, the APR is the annual percentage rate of charge which indicates the overall cost of financing and not just the nominal rate of credit.
  • Appreciate the duration of the auto loan: It corresponds to the period during which the credit will be refunded. Longer, it allows to spread the monthly payments but it also increases the overall cost of credit. Too short, the risk is not to be able to repay each month (a tip: total credit, including auto loan, must not exceed 33% of personal income).
  • Check credit insurance: Useful in case of serious problems (accident, death, …), they are sometimes mandatory but it is always necessary to check whether they are included or not in the offer that is made. In terms of auto loan, it is important to check in particular what would happen in case of theft of the vehicle.

2. Choose between a personal loan or an assigned credit

The assigned auto loan is intended solely for the purchase of the vehicle. Linked to the sales contract, if this does not happen, the credit is automatically canceled. In addition, its rate is often lower and generally includes complementary services. A personal loan does not require any purchase justification and allows the borrowed money to be freely disposed of in return for an often higher credit cost.

3. Play the competition

Banks are not the only ones to offer auto loan offers: credit organizations, insurance companies, car manufacturers, … so many other contacts to meet to have a range of choices and choose the best offer.
In summary, a car loan does not subscribe lightly. Care must be taken to study its needs and situation before choosing the best and most suitable offer.

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